Robert's Logos and Graphic design

My promise to you: (i) high end pro design of any logo or graphic design; (ii) 24 hour turnaround time or your money back; (iii) 3 alternate graphic designs and colour variations; (iv) unlimited amendments to your logo. email:; call or text +447955804480 TODAY!

About Robert’s Logos and Graphics

I design logos and graphics. My typical process is as follows:

1. Detailed Skype and/or Upwork consultation to assess your specification and provide detailed creative input based on my 15 years’ experience;
2. Within 24 hours of that consultation, the production of three alternate logo or graphic designs for you to select from;
3. Further consultation (including screen share) to finesse the logo or graphic to meet your exact requirements (I allow for an unlimited number of amendments/iterations).
4. Provision of all source files in market standard formats (AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, JPEG, PNG as necessary).
5. A promise that all projects I work on will be completed to a high, professional standard (equivalent to the end product you would obtain from a professional design agency).
6. A promise that I will be available, communicative and responsive to you throughout with excellent written and verbal communication skills. I am a native English speaker.

Hi there,

I’m Robert and I have over fifteen years experience in graphic and logo design, my expertise is primarily in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for web, print and social media. I am in the process of building up my Upwork presence so my current rates are for a limited time only. You should be able to see from my portfolio and client feedback that I have already obtained a 100% success rating and a number of positive reviews.

I previously worked for a web design agency in London and was heavily involved in UX design and brand design and development. I am passionate about creative, clean graphic design. My approach to work is to provide significant creative input but where that is not required execute simple tasks and closely follow client instructions.

I aim to provide the client with three alternative graphic designs/logos within 24 hours of accepting the offer. I am happy to conduct a detailed initial consultation over Upwork or through Skype as you require. We can then work together to amend and perfect the chosen design to your specification (I can send you as many iterations of the logo or graphic to perfect it for your requirements).

Lastly, I am a native English speaker with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

I look forward to working with you.

Kind regards,